The following services are available:


Training: We provide our customer the training courses for the use and maintenance of our products as well as audio/video material updates for the systems. We provide detailed manuals for the installation and use of our products. Our special software is very easy to access so that customers can update the rich media contents for each equipment by themselves.


Installation: We offer the service of installation of our products on site. We will do installation, testing and training on site until our customers can use our equipment properly.


Audio Recording: To help our customers to introduce their exhibitions or scenes to the visitors via voice, we provide professional audio recording service, when possible we will always hire native-speakers as the broadcaster.


Graphics and Video Making: Our equipment can play rich media content including graphics and videos. We can provide digital processing service for the customers' raw graphics and video materials.


Language Translation: Audio International. aims to furnish our customers the ability of serving the visitors from world wide, thus we offer multi-language translation service. We can help our customers to translate their tour guide into different languages to be played by our equipment.


Equipment OEM: We provide private labeling of our equipment and OEM manufacturing. We can customize our products according to your requirements. We do product developments with our potential partners. You will find that our products have the highest quality/price ratio.